Endurance - Quality Walk-In Tubs Sold Through The Nationwide Home Improvement Retail Chain

Endurance prides itself on being a top quality walk in tub provider. Our walk-in tubs are manufactured with perfection for your comfort and sold through the nation’s largest home improvement retail chain. Endurance products are known for their durability gothrough an extensive quality control process, which guarantees them as one of the best made, and top rated walk-in bath tubs on the US market today.

Endurance walk in bathtubs meet all plumbing and electrical licensing required in the United States. Unlike many imported tubs, our walk-in tubs meet North American quality standards and regulations. There have been so many instances where someone in need of a walk in tub has purchased one of the many foreign walk-in tubs on the market today and have been unable to install it in their homes because it does not meet the required quality standards for the proper installation licensing. This is an unfortunate situation as most often, those looking for a walk in bathtub are in need of a safe and comfortable bathing solution.

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